With this network always updating their back end and making sure everything runs smooth and fast for their users, they have recently done an update to YouTube seems to be showing new content suggestion thumbnails when watching a video in full screen mode. They have done this through their Android application.

The new thumbnail cards show up from the bottom of the app which then gives you different ideas about what you watch next. Each thumbnail can be tapped to bring it into focus and get you started watching something new. Since this update doesn’t seem to be rolled out for everyone on the newest version of the app, it’s likely a server-side update that will roll out slowly to users in the coming weeks.

If you don’t have YouTube 12.05 directly from the Google Play Store yet, you can head over to APKMirror and download the file yourself to see if you will get these new suggestions when you watch a full screen YouTube video.

Their recent update may have effected your view, like, subscriber and or comment count. This is can be down to two different things. One is that you have decided to buy YouTube views from an un-trusted source which YouTube has picked up on, if this is the case you will receive an email from YouTube giving you a warning. The other may be that due to the amount of users it takes time for your views, likes, comments and or subscribers to show up. You will notice a small fluctuation which is always balanced out within around 12 hours.