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Dark Mode

In April 2017, savvy web users discovered a hidden “dark mode” feature that turned the YouTube interface from white to black. Dark modes and dark themes are highly sought after, as evidenced by the new Dark Mode in Windows 10, because they are easier on the eyes over long periods of time.

Big Screen Interface

Okay, so this feature isn’t exactly new since it was introduced way back in 2012 as “YouTube Leanback,” but considering how many users don’t know that it exists, it may as well be new. In short, if you watch YouTube on a big screen or touchscreen, this interface is optimized for you.

Double Tap

Lately I’ve been streaming YouTube from my smartphone to my TV. It’s been pretty convenient overall, but seeking back and forth on a video has always been annoying — that is, until the “double tap” feature was added.

Turn Videos into GIFs

YouTube understands that GIFs are the language of the web. It’s one thing to share a video with someone and another to share a GIF of a video highlight. The latter gets straight to the point, making it more appropriate for today’s attention-deficient web.

Live Streams

YouTube offers two ways to live stream content on the web: YouTube Live, which is a few years old now, and YouTube Gaming, which launched back in 2015, this caused so many gamer’s to go and buy high retention YouTube views and get YouTube likes for their videos to get a head start over other gamer’s. The latter competes with Twitch and can be an interesting way to make money while playing games, but YouTube Live is the bigger feature.

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