If you are on this video sharing network then you would have already noticed the major changes that they have applied. The way you see a video now is different as they have placed the subscriber option where the views are which is clever as it makes people more drawn to subscribing than before. You would have also noticed that your views have taken more time to show up on your view counter and that is because they are filtering out all views that are non human views.

They do what we call a big clean up and they do this every year like clockwork however this was the biggest YouTube update that we have noticed since the video sharing network has been around. It is a good thing as it gives people a chance to rank more because bot views will class as a ” no rank ” which helps people who are generally working hard to get YouTube views, likes, subscribers and comments the right way.

This is a big lesson for those of you who are using un-trusted sources to have views added to your videos. You should always be checking the company you use and be more than sure that they are providing real YouTube views that will not harm your account when YouTube do their updates.

YouTube, like all other social media networks always update every other month, we noticed that this update took weeks apposed to days so they really went through and updated all of their servers, you would have noticed your rankings either improve or go down depending on how many views, likes, subscribers, comments as well as how many time your video has been shared. Look at it like Google, they update every other month so if you are a website owner you will notice that your rankings do not move for around three months after working on your search engine optimization.

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