The first question we have to ask ourselves when we are looking to rank our website or have a large volume of traffic to our blog is : do I have enough content ? Is my blog and or website of service to others ? Do I need to use social media pages to rank my website and or blog ? The question to ALL of the above is yes ! People say that building links is the main reason your website will rank and in some cases they are correct IF you are building high quality links on high PR ( page rank ) websites such as Reddit and Plurk.

What people fail to do which only takes a small amount of time if you have just the one website and or blog is update it daily with a link directed to your website. This shows Google that you are talked about, making sure you are adding keywords within your own text and then making the post relevant ( not spammy ). What you should be aiming for is to post at least twice a day on your Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, Google + and any other social accounts that you have signed up to. If you look at all people ranking number one you will see that they ALL have high amounts of traffic coming through their social media profiles which is one of the main reasons they are at the top.

Google will rank you based on the popularity of your content so it is critical that you manage all of your social media pages correctly, if your a business then assign someone to do this for you. Facebook allow you to post comments for the following, day, week, month and year so you can spend one day writing posts out for this and not have to check back in for the next week or so.

Make sure you are always putting keywords and your website link which directs to a certain page you are talking about. It is very important that you do this. You should also use ” hashtags ” which will increase your traffic due to people searching for those particular hashtags. Twitter loves people who continuously post and receive favorites and likes. You should also aim to create a ” list ” on this network and then have your clients and followers subscribe to it.