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You may be surprised to hear but many companies are still not using social media to it’s full potential. We will be the first to say that if you fall under that group of companies you are probably wondering why your sales are not as strong as they could be. More people are turning to social media providers to buy YouTube views or get Twitter followers as a means to catch up with well known marketers.


Social media is so important if you are looking to make your company the strongest it could be, simple things you may want to find out are how many people using and visiting the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You will see right away that millions of people are on these social media networks and a smart business owner will see these people are prospects.

Here is a list below of things you must do if you are serious about your company having a global presence.

1. Make sure you are using the social networks ( Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and YouTube )

2. Make sure you are keeping your social media pages fresh ( update posts and gain more followers, fans etc )

3. Make sure you are offering only your social clients ( the ones that are following you ) special discounts for referring people to follow you.

4. You have to always be uploading promotions and making full use of Instagram by showing clients all of your products and services.

5. Promote your social media pages on your website so that clients can follow you as well.


You will not see a company out there today that has credibility and that is not using social media as a way of promoting. You should look at Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram as ways of generating more sales and guiding more traffic to your website. We have hit a new day an age where emailing people and cold calling to drive in sales is not cutting it like it used to, the times have moved forward and people now want to review a company, see the reviews and check their popularity and they do this by checking out the companies social media pages.

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