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If you are looking to at trending a YouTube video effectively then you have come to the right place. For a company that lives and breaths social media, we are very much up to date with the way each one of them works. A lot of people are wondering why, when they reach one million YouTube views that they do not trend. There are so many people that buy 1 million YouTube views and wonder why they do not trend right away. The reason for this is down to YouTube’s new updates. The old way to trend a video on YouTube would be to reach one million views as fast as possible. That does not work anymore ! The way to trend your video is to have that video featured on other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Having people share your video, comments, likes, shares and subscribers is the key to trending a YouTube video. You must also have people watching your video most of the way through, this is called a ” high retention ” YouTube view.


When we say keep up to date, what we are implying is that you read some news on social media updates and different ways to trend your videos. This could take around five to ten minutes a day with a simple blog forum on Google or your favorite blog spot. There are thousands out there with up to date information that you should be reading in order to stay ahead of the game. You can have a look here for weekly blogs which will involve different aspects of all social media platforms. Keep an eye out !


There is so many resources online now that it is almost impossible to not find what your looking for. You can contact social media companies and ask for some advice. There are many that will allow you to buy YouTube views but if you are feeling ambitious then you will want to ask for their advice and have ago at it yourself. You can subscribe to news letters, you can do a simple online search ” YouTube updates ” as an example. Check to make sure you are receiving a the correct information ! Anyone that tells you that all you have to do is gain one million views to trend is providing you false information.

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