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What does SoundCloud’s latest feature mean for you as a current user or for new users that have just signed up ? Take a read and let us know what you think. Soundcloud is not like other music streaming services out there today. Rather than offering the back catalogs of seemingly every musician on the planet, the service is more of a resource for one-offs, mash-ups and people who are looking for unique beats to put into their DJ sets.

Discover More

As a way to help you discover more of what is on it’s servers, SoundCloud has launched “The Upload.” The features looks at what you have liked and played, then delivers a daily playlist based on your listening history which makes it less time consuming for you to search around for your music of interest and artists are seeing this and going to buy SoundCloud plays as now they can get more of a target niche.

Keep Things Fresh

To keep things fresh, these tracks will all have been uploaded within the past few days. The update is out on desktop, Android and iOS right now. To find it on the latter, navigate to the “search” tab and it should be right up top. Given the surfeit of music (and podcasts) available on the service, this should help people wade through what’s available and maybe even find a few new artists to obsess over along the way. You can buy SoundCloud followers and people have started to take notice of this as SoundCloud is always looking at different ways to improve user experience which is why this feature is one of the best they have brought to the market to date. Not only will the general public be able to find their favorite type of music with just a few clicks but it will also benefit artists who will now have a target audience and will lead to more followers, comments, plays, likes, reposts and downloads.

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