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SoundCloud Unveils $15M Plan

SoundCloud Unveils $15M Plan to Support Artists During Coronavirus

Today we are going to look at SoundCloud plan to support artists during Coronavirus. How does this affect you and what needs to be done. SoundCloud Unveils $15M Plan to Support Artists During Coronavirus SoundCloud is taking more action to assist creators affected by the coronavirus pandemic. This has given artists more faith in the network so they have went to social media providers to buy SoundCloud followers and plays in the hope that it sticks around longer.


After previously rolling out a number of support initiatives — including offering its SoundCloud Pro Unlimited subscription for 50% off through March 30 and providing access to Twitch’s Affiliate program — on Thursday (April 2) SoundCloud CEO Kerry Trainor announced a plan worth $15 million to support creators during the shutdown, as well as initiatives designed to bolster their careers long-term. Beginning Thursday, SoundCloud creators have the option of adding a special button to their profiles that were designed to facilitate direct fan support via Kickstarter, Patreon, Bandcamp, Paypal and more.


Additionally, the company is now giving away all of its Promote on SoundCloud inventory (valued at $5 million) for free. Each week, five creators who tag their SoundCloud uploads with the hashtag #GetMorePlay will be selected by SoundCloud’s editorial team to feature with promotion. The company is also immediately launching Repost by SoundCloud, a new marketing and distribution service that grew out of its acquisition of the rights management and distribution company Repost Network in May of 2019. This is why so many people are now looking to buy SoundCloud reposts. The service, which gives independent artist access to professional marketing and monetization services and distribution features, is being made available to all SoundCloud creators.


SoundCloud’s plan consists of $10 million to help fuel the careers of independent artists with its new artist services offering, Repost Select. Artists chosen for the program will be given access to a dedicated, in-house account manager, receive tailored marketing and promotional support and more. Applications for the program are being accepted now.

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