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Today we look at some social media news ! With social media being the number one focus not only with businesses and record labels but people from all walks of life it is important for us to keep you updated with every social platform that is out there. You may of been effected by YouTube’s recent updated which effected the view count on peoples videos.


This happens once a year and is not a problem if you are buying safe views from a trusted supplier but if you have purchase YouTube views from an un-trusted source then you may find that you have not only wasted your money your account may get a warning. Their updated effected the time on the views to add onto your video so if you see that you are missing views then wait a few days for them to show up again. They basically change their algorithm which effects a large number of people who receive views fast.


SoundCloud have released a new feature called ” SoundCloud GO + ” which allows you to access a larger amount of music dependent on what you are looking for, although this comes at a cost per month depending on what option you use, it works wonders for artists because a lot of their audience will now be targeted. There are companies out there where you can buy SoundCloud plays, likes comments etc but make sure they are a trusted provider and have a good company background.


Social media is without a doubt the best way to be seen and heard. People are all over the main providers such as Twitter and Facebook, branding themselves in the hope that they will be noticed by their targeted niche. You have to remember that these giant services update on a regular basis however a large network such as YouTube will do one major update around this time of the year like clockwork. If you have been effected by their update then make sure you are contacting your social media service provider as they will be able to issue you with an update and status of your order.

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