Reseller Faq


Client information

We would like to state to you that all clients information is kept strictly private, and you are in piece of mind to know that as soon as the order is completed and your happy with the out come the client information is then removed from our system.

We do not at any time contact your clients, if there is an issue with the link we simply email you directly to ask you to speak with your client to get the correct link.

NDA (Non dis closer agreement act)

We will go that extra mile to ensure you that your client information and your own details are kept private by signing a non dis RE SELLER FAQ. This will state that your clients are not contacted, your clients information is not passed on to a third party nor is your clients information and links stored within our company.

Are you responsible for orders that are not completed or dropped?

We have a guarantee that if any orders are not completed for what ever reason or the order is not 100 % completed within the time frame that is stated on our website then we will either re fund the money or give you the option to take double what you ordered at no extra cost. This has not happened to us so far but please keep in mind and check the links that you provide us to make sure they are correct and the start count is correct so there is no delay on orders, if you provide us with a link that is currently dropping ( losing followers, likes and or fans ) we are not liable to refund or replace what is not ours.

What is your promise to me as a re seller?

We are true to our word in everything we say to our re sellers and our clients, we pride our self’s on what we do for our clients which is why we are leaders in the social media world.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

We offer all clients a money back guarantee if they are not completely satisfied with the outcome of the service. This is how confident we are in what we do and what we provide, how ever we will not refund accounts that are dropping from you or your clients using a supplier offering fake services.

How much can I realistically make as a re seller with your company?

This is a very important question and we can state to you that you can well truly make 1,000 of Dollars a day or you can make next to nothing, but with our help and guidance and the information we can provide to you it is safe to say you will be doing better than you thought you would. We help all new start up companies achieve goals and watch them grow to the next big thing.

Will My clients know the services was provided by your company?

The answer is a straight NO. As we never contact your clients at any time or store their information.

Can I make my own packages that would suite my needs?

You are more than welcome to suggest packages to us so we can either say yes ok or no sorry but this is what we suggest…. For example if you just wanted Only YouTube and Twitter then we could work something out for you that would suite you better and save you money.

If I fund monthly with you, am I tied in to that or is it pay as you go?

You will never sign a contract with us we like to keep it simple and short for our clients, if you were to fund $ 1000 a month with us to get your 20 % discount then how it would work is as follows : You will send the funds, once the funds have landed your 30 days discount will start, if you were to fund on the 12th your discount will apply for 30 days upon that date then to receive another 20 % discount you will simply just fund again and so on and so forth.

What else can you offer me as a re seller?

We will go one step further and offer you your very own customer service adviser, they will assist you with your orders personally, they will update constantly on how your orders are looking so you can show your clients the speed in which you can process orders. Your customer service agent will also help you with marketing tactics and show you how to really target your clients to up sell and also gain new clients.