YouTube is a network that we all love to use for personal and or business use. There are many reasons as to why YouTube is such the sensation, take a look below at some very interesting facts about YouTube :

On average a YouTube user will spend between fifteen to twenty five minutes a a day on the site. This network was created by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim back in 2005. The three founders has known one from working together and building the worldwide sensation. PayPal.

The way you see YouTube now is not what it was supposed to be. YouTube was initially set up to be an online dating website. They then found a way to make YouTube by streaming online footage of malfunctions and the other being that they had seen that there is no online sharing video system on the market. That was the start of YouTube.

YouTube is only going in one direction which is why it is known and has been known as the most used online media service used today. They continue to add new features to help both visitors and people who are uploading videos which is why they are attracting so much traffic. They are meeting the needs and listening to what people say about them which is why they will continue to grow and beat all expectations.