At this point, most marketers are aware Twitter is an important piece of the social media marketing mix. With over 320 million monthly active users across various demographics, it’s a great platform to reach your audience.
However, the sad truth is many of those same marketers and businesses exist on Twitter, but do nothing else. Scheduling Tweets to be sent out throughout the week to create “social media activity” isn’t an effective Twitter marketing strategy. Using Twitter effectively requires you to put in time, effort and sometimes even money to reach your goal. Here are some actionable tips for how to use Twitter effectively.

Develop a Twitter Strategy

This basic step gets ignored so often, and it’s the reason so many marketers don’t get results. Because Twitter is so easy to just jump right into and get started, planning out a strategy first gets forgotten. But taking some extra time to craft out a plan for how you’re going to use Twitter will stop you from wandering around aimlessly.

Your Twitter strategy should define:

Who you’re trying to reach

Relevant profiles/influences you want to connect with

Your overall goals (for example: build brand awareness, generate leads or get website traffic)

Your company’s “voice”

What you’ll be Tweeting

Your Tweeting schedule

How you plan on engaging with other users

Search Engine Journal outlined its strategy, which should give you a nice starting point or template to use. Having a plan in place will ensure you’re working toward a specific goal and building an account that will help improve your business, instead of just being present on Twitter.