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Get Real YouTube Views

Get Real YouTube Views

If you are a business, artist, explorer or someone who just loves to upload new videos to YouTube then you will have at least thought about ways to get real YouTube views on your link and possibly a few positive comments followed by subscribers correct? So what am I talking about when I say get real YouTube views? Well it is no secret now that you can go to social media suppliers and websites to buy YouTube views, but when you are buying views you need to be sure you are getting real organic YouTube views so your video is not suspended and lead to your whole channel being completely shut down by YouTube.


There are different types of views you can go and get, they include, mobile views, normal views, high retention views and targeted views. The mobile views are the ones you want to stay well away from. You can check what type of views they are by clicking on your analytics and checking the view time in which people have viewed your link for.


Mobile views normally watch your video for around one to three seconds, this is just wasting your time and making your video look as Interesting as watching paint dry, not only that, your account will be seen by YouTube and having too many mobile views will lead to your account being removed. Mobile views are also noticeable when a video has blocked people from seeing their analytics, this just makes it very clear to the people watching that you have paid to have the views you see on that video.


High retention YouTube views are the ones you should be looking at if you are wanting to get real YouTube views. High retention means that your video is watched for around 70 % of the way threw, this will also help your rankings in YouTube’s search engine which will lead to a lot more organic views that have a healthy time frame on it. This could benefit you if you are an artist looking for that important break and or your a business showing the world your products by video as this will lead you to close a few extra clients.


Then we look at targeted YouTube views, these are very good if your market is in one targeted country, let’s use the United States of America as an example. If you are an artist and you have an up and coming event you want people to view you could upload your music with a brief description of what and where your concert is followed by a bunch of targeted views to show people that you really are worth going to see.


I must stress the importance of having some good positive YouTube comments to go with this. Research shows that more and more people are now reading the comments written below to get an idea if your worth watching for three or five minutes, especially if you’re a musician and a producer who is on the lookout for raw talent. If you do not have good comments and positive feedback there is a big chance that producer will not waste his time and view what you have to offer.


Last but not least we look at what they call normal views, this is a mix of short and long view times, I must admit it does give you a more realistic look to your page and video. Just make sure when you are looking to buy YouTube views that you are getting the right information and your not paying for ” normal views ” and getting all ” mobile views ” it is sad to say there are some companies out there that can be very miss leading indeed.


To conclude this article, I will finish off with telling you about a personal experience I had when I bought all four types of YouTube views. Luckily enough I was able to find a very good supplier that only offered high retention views, targeted views and normal views, but from trying them all out I had seen I gained a lot of real organic YouTube views which were not paid for by starting to only buy high retention views, so my suggestion would be to anyone looking to get real YouTube views would be to stick with the high retention so your account is safe, you move up in rankings and you keep yourself and or your company looking credible to everyone looking in.

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