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Get Real Twitter Followers

Get Real Twitter Followers

Today we will show you how to get real Twitter followers using some simple but very effective tips. If you are someone who has just lost a big amount of Twitter followers and still to this day wondering how you managed to lose so many in such a short period of time, then you are someone who has been buying fake Twitter followers, in order to have you account healthy and keep your followers you need to be looking to get real Twitter followers for your page.


I have been studding Twitter and it’s movements for some time, I become obsessed with wanting to know why they keep updating and it was not until a few days ago when I see a friends profile on Twitter dramatically drop. I asked him straight up how it happened he replied ” never buy Twitter followers from a source without reading everything about them or you will have the same issues “. It really did hit home as I never went to buy Twitter followers I was always marketing my page on my radio station and telling my fans on Facebook to follow me. I have a good reputation and that most likely would have come to an end if my listeners and or clients had seen such a big decrease in followers.


Now after this had happened I began doing some extensive research to find out how you can get real Twitter followers without having to worry about big drops and a red face. I noticed that some companies were offering followers but did not specify if they were real or not and could not give me a good answer that made sense, then I come across a few websites that were able to give me a test sample but I was still not convinced that they were 100 % real people who I can talk too.Out of every company I checked out there were only two or three that were offering real generic Twitter followers. I can say hand on my heart I am very grateful that I have come across a social media selling site that provides me real organic Twitter followers, I also told my friend about the site so he could go and Get real Twitter followers.


After planning out other ways of how to get real Twitter followers I had seen that people who post tweets often and show the public they are alive and kicking get more Twitter followers opposed to people who post once every other week, not only that, companies who are handing out incentives for you to get them some more Twitter followers are also getting Twitter followers by the numbers, I am no business man in fact I am far from it but even I can see that there are in fact so many different ways of building your Twitter page and having a healthy amount of real Twitter followers instead of the overpriced bot generated profiles that are leaving you feel embarrassed and not to mention if you are a business who has suffered from the drops you are really going to notice a decrease in sales.


Twitter to me is the number one social media platform, I must say I do have an addiction to wake up every morning and without having a shower or brushing my teeth I jump right on to my computer to see if there is anything major happening on Twitter, if you ask anyone who has a Twitter account if they can go through the day without having a quick look at it in your lunch break or even while you’re working ( not me ) they will tell you no.


Do not get me wrong I love Facebook too I just feel I can interact better with people on Twitter and give them more updates on when I am next on air, I suppose it all depends on what line of work you are in, in terms of what social media network will work best for you and or your company. My advice to anyone who is looking to get real Twitter followers would be to do your homework on the company and ask every single question you can think of so you are 100 % sure you are not buying the fake accounts that damage your profile and your image.

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