We do understand how the human brain works and sometimes the questions you might think are the most silly are normally the most important, now because we offer all kinds of social media services we do get asked a lot of questions on a daily basis, this being said we have placed some of the basic questions and answers below for you to read as your question may be listed there.

Are these real views, followers, likes and comments?

Yes, we only provide real organic views, likes, followers and comments, they are managed accounts with people using them, they will not harm your account / image and to this day we have had 100 % customer satisfaction feed back which is why we take on so many re sellers.

How have you managed to get real views, likes, followers and comments?

We can tell you that we have been in business from the start of the social media buzz and with that being said we have managed to build a vast number of affiliates who carry out certain tasks for us, that could be asking a list of their clients to view a video or like a page and in return they get discounts from our products and services, This means our clients are happy as they know what they are receiving is quality and our affiliates are happy as they are receiving discounts.

How long does it take for the services to be completed?

We always promote to our clients that our services will be completed within 48 hours however the majority of the time your order will be completed with 12 to 24 hours for orders under 50,000 anything over that will take longer but you will always be sent an email to give you a date for completion, we do this to ensure your link is safe and the your customers friends and or family wonder why you have had a huge jump of followers, likes and or comments in such a short space of time.

Can you slow the process down?

We can do this, if for example you want to BUY INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS and you wanted 20,000 at the same time for it to be delivered slowly we can placed 1,000 a day for 20 days but please make sure you send an email before stating you wish to do this. Alternatively you can buy slow YouTube views here along with our drip feed services that we offer.

Do you offer discounts for re sellers and companies who want to buy large amounts on a continuous basis?

Yes we can work out a special price for you if you are going to be doing this. We offer re sellers up to 20 % off site prices when they fund an account for more information please email us so someone can send you some details on how to get this and what the process is.

If I am re selling is my clients information safe?

We are very tight on clients information, we never pass it to a third party and we never store your clients information. Most importantly your clients are never at any point contacted by our company, it will seem as if you supplied the service by your self.

If for what ever reason I do not receive what I have paid for will I be able to get a refund?

LJ MEDIA offers our clients a 100 % money back guarantee for orders that were not processed. We to this day have not had to do that but to keep our clients minds at rest we do state the above and keep to our word.