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What happens if I do not receive the service in the promised time?

We are proud to say that this has not happened as of yet but if by some strange happening it did we will allow you a full refund as long as the service has not started or been delivered in which to provide a refund we would have to remove the service added, this is to prevent ” scammers ” from abusing our services.

What happens if my link or account is suspended?

  • Your 100 % liable for your own links and accounts, we have assured all of our clients that our service is organic but we cannot help if clients are buying from another source nor can we track that so if you have proven that you have only ever bought from us then we can address the issue and resolve it.
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  • We will not take any accountability or responsibility in the event that our website will be temporarily unavailable because of any technical concerns and or updates that we are making but our clients will always be assured if we are ever going to be offline for an upgrade.
  • We are providing an organic service in which we produce active accounts, We are not responsible for the accounts not replying to you of you inbox them or leave a comment on their wall. It is not down to us to ensure the fans talk back to you that is done at their own free will.