Buy YouTube Views

So here is the thing not that many people talk about or even heard about and that is the fact that you can buy YouTube views from social media suppliers, the trick is to look around at all different sources before you make the payment as some YouTube views that are bought are clearly fake and will eventually have your video banned by YouTube their self. I have come across a few sites that are selling what they call ” high retention ” which in short easy to understand terms means that your video is watched for a certain period of time, normally around 70 %. Now when we talk about high retention views we are talking about good quality views, having the high retention will move you up in YouTube’s search engines which will lead to you not even having to buy YouTube views as you will be seen by people just searching keywords that fit your content, for example ” cover songs “.

The main goal is to have people view your video, subscribe and leave a positive comment but your not going to get real ones if your video is just boring with no effort, you need to make sure your video is worth sharing and talking about across the Internet, any business that is truly serious about there product would have had a professional come in and video a few of their products with some detailed content explaining where to find it, it would be a great idea to buy YouTube views to give you a head start, when promoting your services the last thing you really want is to have a client and or a potential client go to your site, see a link to your YouTube video of a product that they have bought already or thinking about buying but yet you only have a few hundred views on it. It could make and most likely will make the difference between that client feeling he made the wrong choice or that potential client turning away and looking some where else to buy the same product, ironically at a higher price than what you sell it at.

Do not be mistaken, most people will look at YouTube as a home just for artists, it would be wrong to say ” just artists ” so many videos are being uploaded to this social platform on a daily basis meaning there is a lot of potential to market your product on YouTube and be watched by people who are looking to buy your products, besides artists can use SoundCloud, Datpiff and Reverbnation as other ways of having their music seen, heard and bought. What I have noticed tho is a lot of up and coming artists or potential artists looking to hit the big time, ever since the famous Justin got noticed and become a worldwide sensation everyone sees that it is possible to be noticed and have a chance.

I will be the first to admit that I have went to buy YouTube views before, in fact I still do when I upload new videos of what I have to offer, the clever thing is no one from the outside can tell you have taken the road to buy YouTube views, this will only include you if you are safe when you do it, you have to make sure they are high retention, you have to make sure you are buying from a trusted site who are not over charging you for the service and wont take longer than two days to for fill your order.

I am not a business owner nor am I someone to promote a business on YouTube but I am an artist who will only ever upload original songs that I made a few years ago, I started out with just over two thousand views and now have over two hundred and fifty thousand views, which mostly bought but it has moved me up in key searches and people from the outside are now subscribing to my page and that is generic subscribers that I have not had to pay for out of my own pocket, it seems that me taking to buy YouTube views worked better than I thought it would.