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Just by being on this page you are already at a competitive advantage because not only do we provide normal Facebook likes but we can now allow you the chance to buy slow Facebook likes ! Throughout this page we will discuss the importance of having your likes placed over a certain amount of days apposed to having them all added at the same time. We will also show you how it effects your ranking position within the largest social network on planet earth ! This is a service that has been requested by our current clients as well as visitors which is why we made it happen ! Get involved today and buy slow Facebook likes from the most  on the Internet.


It is very simple and easy to pay ! You just need to decide how many likes you want to have added to your page. Once you have done that you click on the ” buy now ” tab, it will take you to another page where it will ask you to add your contact email so that we can send you a confirmation of received order and again once your order has been completed. You will also need to add your Facebook profile link and the amount of days you want your drip feed Facebook likes to be added over. The final step is to pay which you can do either through , debit or credit card depending on suits you best. Our online customer support team is always available so if you have any questions please feel free to talk with them or alternatively you can .


There are many reasons as to why you should get slow Facebook likes for your profile but let us look at the basics first. The fact that Facebook now look for gradual growth, consistency and quality when deciding who to rank within their own search engine will put you in a very good position. You may notice before that they used to only look for people who had a large amount of likes but with new pages and profiles being created every second makes it harder for people to keep up. This way they have balanced things out so everyone has a chance not just the big names out there who have pages. It makes perfect sense to get slow Facebook likes for your profile to show people that you are viewed daily !


The best time to  is when you have first created your page or you have a low amount of likes at the moment. The reason for this is to make your profile more real in Facebook’s eyes. They or clients are not going to believe that you just created this page and have thousands of people liking it overnight. Once you have a large amount of likes you will want to keep it consistent so you will want to buy slow Facebook likes again. If you want us to take a look at your profile we will be more than happy to do so at no extra cost. We do also provide normal likes which are delivered within twenty four to forty eight hours.


If you want to have a lot of Facebook likes right away then it will not do you any harm as long as you maintain it. Having fast Facebook likes will instantly make your profile popular and can drive more sales. On the other hand, slow Facebook likes guarantees that you receive daily likes, traffic and potential buyers. It will also help your ranking position within this social network which is very important considering the amount of people who are searching for businesses and connections. You should be smart and buy slow Facebook likes when you open your profile, then add fast likes to give you a boost, once you already have a high volume of likes you can then get slow Facebook likes to maintain a healthy balanced profile.


Here we talk about why you should buy slow Facebook likes and what having likes coming in over a period of time will help you more than having a lot of likes in a short period of time.

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