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Acquire And Find Customers On Twitter

Acquire And Find Customers On Twitter

Are you looking to Acquire and find customers on Twitter ? As you know Twitter is one of the Largest and most Innovative Social Networking Platforms out there today. It allows, almost in Real time, members to interact with each other, with lightweight and fluid conversations. Twitter as created a new Marketing and Promoting method for businesses to display their wares, to the entire world. Before we get into it, if you are looking to boost follower on Twitter you can visit our home page. Let us look at the top 5 ways to leverage this medium to help build your business:

1.Twitter Search Engine.

Twitter is fast becoming an active feedback about every product and service imaginable, almost in Real time. How can you use this, to build your business? Three words: Twitter Search Engine. This is why people go to buy twitter followers as the more followers, likes, retweets you have, the higher you rank. The Twitter Search is also fully connected to Google. It is integrated in to the Twitter experience. Twitter Search represents a near simultaneous, half loop of customer intent. Whatever the product or service you market there will be someone, somewhere, talking about it, right now on Twitter. Find these people by searching the most relevant keywords associated within your market and then join their conversation by sending a useful message that contains relevant information or advice to them. But be very careful! There is a fine line, between being pushy, stalking and being attentive and offering advice. Always be helpful and above all, courteous. The rate of replies you get is proportional to how much value you create for your customers. The standard tools Twitter offer, are not going take your business to the next level, so upgrade!

2. Find Who Influences.

Influences are the Gate Keepers that own the attention pool, you so desperately desire. Insert useful bits of information into their Conversations/Streams, like a link to an item, a fact about their/your topic, or a short anecdote. It might seem to you, a waste of time, but what if a random person “Tweets” you back, then it is more than just a message. It’s a signal to the mechanism, to an entire micro community that you are Real and Legit. Standing and blindly “Tweeting” will not cover much ground for your business, unfortunately. How do you identify the influencers ? Generally, the number of followers, an individual has on Twitter, is an indication of there influence. You must check this out! Search on Google Blog Search or Technorati, to identify the Influencers by the highest trafficked blogs in your vertical. See if they have a Twitter account. If they do, then follow them and see what makes them tick.

3. Profile Biography.

Create a relevant profile biography. It is important to understand that potential customers on Twitter will take time to read your biography in order to pre-qualify you and to see if you offer them something timely, interesting and helpful.

4. Make Sure You Use A Relevant Twitter Domain Name.

A powerful way to build trust with potential customers is to have a domain name that is a relevant name, to your business. For example, if the user “Tweets”, “I am looking for a new Blackberry Mobile Phone?” Who are they going to respond to? Twitter Account user KMTC1962 or, Blackberry Phone Expert? I will let you decide that one!

5. Put Your Business Twitter URL On To Your Business Card/Email Signature.

Make sure you always add your Twitter URL to both, your business card and your email signature. It is amazing that, many customers will interact with you on any given day via email. Make sure your Twitter URL, is as easy to find as your phone number.

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