About Us

About Us

LJMedia is a company that before only ever dealt with re sellers and well known companies, over the last four years we have expanded our offices across the globe. We are now giving the opportunity to provide the members of the public our services at the same price their current suppliers pays for it.


What is special about LJMedia?

The fact that we are one of few that can provide real, organic services gives us a big advantage over a lot of these websites offering ” fake social media “. We look for long term business with all of our clients no matter what sizes they are buying at. LJMedia is the only company out there that provides social media to clients with them having their own customer support agent. All re sellers have their own adviser who will advise them on how to bring in more business and give them updates on social media.


Fast Delivery Times

LJMedia is also a company that provides a very fast service, we always tell our clients it will take around 48 hours to be completed but we normally complete our orders within the first 12 hours depending on the size you are buying, if you have a large order you would like to place, please be sure to send us an email with it so we can give you an exact date for completion.


Customer support

LJMedia have a 24 / 7 customer support team that will assist you with any of your needs, if you have any questions make sure you are using them to their full advantage, we also take inbound calls so if at any time you want to speak to an adviser by phone you can, we have three contact emails as well as a Skype id ( socialsupplier ) that you can contact us on. We like to make things very easy for all of our clients and assist them to the best of our ability.