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We will be showing you 6 benefits when using SEO to rank your social media and or website pages. Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is most commonly known, is an online Marketing service that is extremely beneficial to you and your business website. SEO is used to boost and improve your Search Engine rankings. It will also increase your Brand awareness and site traffic that is directed to your website and in doing so you will appreciate an increase in your revenue and conversion rates. Naturally you get a massive increase of “In bound marketing” coming back to your website asking about your products and services. Companies around the world have redistributed their Advertising budgets to SEO so they can fight for the top position in the Search Engines and within their business categories.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

The main objective when investing in to SEO is to improve your position in Search Engine rankings. You of course want to extend the reach of your website and increase your target audience and that in turn will provide more in bound qualified leads that will give an over-all improvement to the Search Engine rankings of your website.

Increase Your Brand Awareness

Make people think that you and your company can and will offer more Trustworthy services because you rank higher than your competitors. They will see you more and more. This, will either directly increase your sales turnover by them coming to you for your products or indirectly by them subliminally noticing you always, but then later when they require your services, they will remember you from earlier. Both of these ways will naturally increase your Brand awareness in the public domain.

Affordable Costs & High Return Value

What you want out of your website, will dictate the general cost of your SEO campaign in the first place. SEO gets and costs lower over a period of time ensuring that your company website will receive a high return value for the minor investment into SEO. Varying budgets can purchase SEO so never think that SEO is a mistake. A website not reaching its full potential both in revenue and traffic is one that as probably not had SEO on it. You might want to buy YouTube views or look to boost followers on Twitter as a way of generating more traffic as this is a known way to lower the cost of SEO.

Increase Your Site Traffic

The aim of any company with a website is to drive traffic and increase leads (In bound Marketing). To help your company website rise in the rankings faster and higher than it naturally would, you need certain keywords phrases that people are searching for in ‘Google’ to find what they want. Having SEO on these keywords will link them more easily to your site and in turn drive more traffic to your site. You then will have more viewers and more chance of sales and revenue. Higher ranking means more “Eyes” means more revenue, SIMPLE!

Increase Site Revenue & Sales

If your site is not receiving sales then this is an indicator that there are some problems with the inside of your website. You may either be not getting enough of the right traffic or your site is not targeting the right audience. SEO if used right, is an excellent and effective way to market, at the same time it is great value for money. It will drive more traffic to your site which will in turn give you more opportunity to sell to an even wider audience, thus increasing the overall revenue from your site.

Get Better Conversion Rates

Visitors clicking through “Google” and other Search Engine result listings are actively looking to buy products and services. They usually are ready to purchase those items as soon as they see them. The higher your appearance on the results pages will have a direct effect on your conversion rates and sales.

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